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Our company is dealing with the production of packing materials, carrying bags and garbage bags.

We can prepare packing of the different products with printing meeting the highest quality demands.

An important part of garbage bags on the shelves of the wholesale chains is made in our plant, let is be small bag for the bathroom or large-sized draw string garbage bag. In addition to the general products we also undertake production of goods of unique size and finish, too.

We make PE foil gloves, ice cube making bags, disposable raincoats, or “cheering bars” to be used at programs.

Contact us with your ideas and we help in implementation. [...]

Advertising for products

Advertising for products

Our company is producing different carrying bags, which can be made with unique printing as per the... [...]



We prepare different bags for household use, they can be rolled, cut or stitched bags. The rolled... [...]

Sydnex Kft.

In order to ensure continuous development of our company we try to utilize the tender possibilities. In the past 2 years we participated in 5 tender invitations and gained promotion. Details

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