Why to use plasticks?



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Because it is recyclable!
Because it is comfortable and water-resistant!
And they are very efficient!


Now there is the possibility - in case of some commercial chains, that the worn out polyethylene bags are replaced with a new one. So the product used by us returns to the manufacturer, where it is recycled.

We can also re-use the bags got during our shopping in the smaller garbage bins, or for collecting faeces of small animals etc.




Handles of the bags allows us to grasp just more bags at the same time.



Water resistance

We can use them for packing cold or wet products, without watering ourselves, or our car. Contrary to paper the plastic bags and sacks can be used even if they are watered.



Plastic bags and sacks are very efficient

They can be stored in small spaces, so the costs of delivery can be kept low.


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