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The flat flat foils and bags made by us and used for packing different products of the baking industry, e.g. bread, sweets, belong to the field of commercial packing. Polyethylene flat foil extruded and printed by us is also used by the cooling industry, for packing quick-frozen vegetables.

Furthermore our production for the domestic paper industry is also significant. We are producing, for instance, great volumes of bags used for packing paper handkerchiefs or toilet papers.

A part of these products is sold in the form of flat foil and the given partner itself prepares packing of its products, or we produce the bags and sacks with the dimensions required by our partners. High printing quality is their essential feature.

We are producing polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (BoPP), or Cast polypropylene bags in different sizes, thicknesses, and finish. Each polyethylene bag made by us is produced of first class HDPE or LDPE material, but in case of individual orders it can be made of different materials, too.

It is also possible to produce antistatic bags meeting special demands; these are mainly used by the electronic industry.

Depending on the size and the type of the manufacturing machine these bags can be of bottom or side welded. In addition to our general products we also prepare bags in unique sizes and with unique printing. The size of the bags is determined so that first the width then the length is measured. As an example marking 200x300 means that the bag is 200 mm wide and 300 mm high. The third measure of the bag is thickness, it is measured in microns.

BoPP or Cast PP bags (Bioriented polypropylene or Cast polypropylene)
Bags made of this basic material can be made in unprinted or printed finish, but in majority printed bags are made of it, because the physical and aesthetic feature make these products excellently suited for packing the products of the food industry. This way the packed product preserves its quality and it is very decorative on the shelves of the shops. The different kinds of BoPP basic materials are made also with joining (lamination), this way the packed food does not contact the printing paint, thus meeting the demands of the food industry.

Types of the bags:


Bags with unique printing

If you look for a unique bag for your product, you are at the right place. We design and prepare the packing for your products, according to your demand. We put on your company’s logo, data of your product, bar code etc. just in 8 colours. Printing of the bags is made with the so called flexo method. The bags can be made in completely unique sizes and finish.


Bottom-welded bag (PE)

Cut bag with its welding at the bottom. It is made in finish with side gusset or without it. This type of welding is the strongest, so this is most suitable for packing heavy products.





Side-welded bag (PE or PP)

This bag is made by folding the flat foil in two and welding on both sides; it can be made with bottom gusset, too.






Lip bag (PE or PP)

One side of the bag is longer than the other. This longer side can be supplied with an adhesive string, and as a result the bag can be re-closed.






Bag with reinforced top (Euro hole) (PP)

At the closed side of the bag a reinforcing string will be welded, and then we make a horizontal welding under the reinforcement, so the string will be fixed in its place. Euro hole or a simple circle hole is put here, thus making placing of the bag easier. The product to be packed can be put into the bag from beneath.





Side-welded bag with hanging hole (PE or PP)

This is a bag without reinforcement, it is cheap and aesthetic. It serves for placing products on a hanger.






Side gusset bag (PE or PP)

This bag is folded on one side; it has the so called side gusset. As a result the bag opens more easily, so larger objects and products can be put more simply. This type of bag is made of polyethylene, e.g. for packing sliced bread, of BoPP (with back welding) for packing different kinds of vermicelli.



Wicket bag (PE or PP)

Wicket bags are put on a blocking mandrel as per the demand of the client, usually 250 pcs/mandrel. This type of bag was designed for high-capacity packing machines. This bag can be easily used and it is an extremely efficient packing material, both in case of automatic or manual packing. One side of the bag is longer than the other, here comes punching, through which the unit pack is put on the mandrel. The bag can be made with bottom gusset, too.

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