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Our company was founded in 1990 for the production of polyethylene products; this activity has been expanded from time to time, as a result of the serial technological development. We have employed at the beginning 4 persons and our market has been expanded, new machines were put into production every year and also expansion of our infrastructure has become inevitable.

So we achieved that our manufacturing department is now working at an area of 3000 m2, our products have been spread to almost the whole territory of the country.

It can be stated that our range of products is unique; our technology is of the European level. At present our staff is over 90, we have 10 extruders, the number of the processing machines is more than 25, and 5 printing presses work continuously. As a result of continuous technological development we can press 8 colours with our 8-colour central printing machine.

Due to this increase in our manufacturing capacity we have built a high warehouse for 850 pallets, for storing our finished products. This warehouse is working with the most up-to-date storing technology.

We are having ISO 9001 certification; this ensures constant, excellent quality for our partners, our immediate reaction to the problems, and our commitment to constant development. We trust our products and the services behind, so we can guarantee that you will be satisfied in 100 % with us and we do our utmost for this purpose.

In addition, our company places great emphasis on preservation of our environment that is why our products include so called bio products, different packing materials, and shopping bags and garbage bags with the qualification of “environment friendly” made with degrading additives. Furthermore we process and recycle the polyethylene waste coming from our process of manufacture, so our company does not produce manufacturing waste what would load the dumps.




Our products made of BOPP and CPP foil, suitable for packing foods are more and more widely used; they can be flat foil to be used with the packing machines, or bags meeting the individual demands.

Due to the fact that a greater part of our market is concentrated in Budapest and its surroundings, our representation in Budapest has been continuously expanded from the very beginning.


We are a strong, family-based company with full commitment to continuous development and excellent quality.

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In order to ensure continuous development of our company we try to utilize the tender possibilities. In the past 2 years we participated in 5 tender invitations and gained promotion. Details

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