Industrial packing

Packing can be divided into two main parts: one is packing for delivery, or transit packing, the other is the commercial packing. Sydnex Co. Ltd. plays important role in both mentioned areas of packing used by the industry.

Industrial use demands high level of manufacture and quality from us. We can successfully meet this demand, since we can increase our sales for the domestic industry by 15-20 % each year. Our products are used by the food industry, the paper industry, the electronic industry, and other fields.

The characteristic basic materials of the products produced for this purpose are polyethylene, polypropylene, and CPP (cast polypropylene). These basic materials can be well accompanied with the process of lamination, and this way packing materials with unique characteristics and finish, meeting the high demands can be produced.

Commercial packaging

Commercial packaging

The flat flat foils and bags made by us and used for packing different products of the baking industry, e.g. bread, sweets, belong to the field of commercial packing. Polyethylene flat foil extruded and printed by us is also used by the cooling industry, for packing quick-frozen vegetables.
Furthermore our production for the domestic paper industry is also significant. We are producing, for instance, great volumes of bags used for packing paper handkerchiefs or toilet papers.
A part of these... [...]

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Transport packaging

Transport packaging

Production of finished products by adding different additives is considered to be good for delivery or transit packing, mainly used by the electronic industry. These are the antistatic or just to the contrary the static/conductive bags.
The domestic meat industry also uses case lining sack made by Sydnex Co. Ltd. for transit packing. [...]

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