Household products Carrying bags T-shirt carrying bag /carrying back with unique print

This strong and decorative carrying bag is excellently suited for packing and transporting any kind of goods. These can be boxes, tools, or books. Depending on the sphere of use it can be very small, made of thin material (e.g. T-shirt bags for pharmacies), but it also can hold daily shopping (e.g. Coop T-shirt bag) The finish with side gussets results in greater volume, consequently larger objects can be comfortably placed.

The T-shirt bag can be without printing or with unique printing. It is excellently suited for advertising firms and shops and at the same time they are practical means of use. If your budget does not allow for choosing bags with unique printing, then our carrying bag with the print of “Thank you for being our customer” can be a good solution; this item is offered for our customers from our constant stock.

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