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Tell me please what is the role of surface treatment?


Surface treatment is performed during the process of extruding. It is needed for providing charge for the foil surface which will promote sticking of the flexo printing paints on the surface. Without surface treatment the foil cannot be printed and the paint can be removed from the surface with the smallest rubbing effect.


What is mirror printing and why is it necessary?


Mirror printing is the process when the picture/text to be printed on the surface of the foil is printed not directly, but from beneath. If we make packing material from this foil, then the print will be inside. As a result the majority of the products with mirror printing have to be laminated with another foil, because the print being inside must not contact the product, e.g. foodstuffs. The order of printing is also different in these cases, as compared to the traditional prints, the printing cliché has to be specially prepared, and it should be printed with paint suitable for lamination.


I should like to know if there is bio garbage bag available, and how much more expensive its production? I would be pleased to know, what is its raw material?


Yes, BIO is available, meaning that it is a garbage bag made of biologically degradable raw material. The manufacturing process is the same as in case of making bags from normal basic material, however in course of producing the BIO product some additives (d2w symphony) are added into the granulate. As an effect of these additives the bag will have features allowing for degradation of the foil under optimum conditions. The cost of production is higher with the additives, than that of the traditional product.


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