Frequently Asked Questions


What is micron?


Micron is a unit of measure, used for giving the thickness of foils.


What is PP?


Polypropylene (abbreviated as PP) is a widely used thermoplastic polymer; produced by the chemical industry. These fields are packing, textile industry, writing utensils, plastic parts, laboratory equipment, speakers, and parts for the car industry. The third most widely used material, in addition to polyethylene and PVC, is polymerization plastic. In 2007 454.1 million tons of polypropylene were produced in the world, which generated about 65 thousand million dollars (47,4 thousand million euros) of turnover.


What is extruding?


Extruding is the process when foil is made of the granulate. The basic material flows through a heated pipe, with the help of a pulley, where it is melting and reaching the head it leaves the pipe in the form of a material easy to shape. This plastic material is led through cylinders, where it cools down and finally it is reeled up and the foil is ready for further processing.


What is polyethylene?


You can read the answer in Wikipedia dictionary here!

Polyethylene (IUPAC name: polyethylene or poly (methyl) is the most widely used plastic, its annual production is almost 80 million tons. Its greatest user is packing industry (plastic bags).

Its recommended scientific name comes systematically from the monomer unit. The abbreviation of the name is PE, similarly to the other polymers, e.g. polypropylene and polystyrene, abbreviated with the same logics as PP and PS.

The ethylene molecule (C2H2) is two CH2 groups, joint together in double bond.


Polyethylene develops by polymerization of the ethylene. Polymerization may take place by radical, either anion or cation way, because ethylene does not have any substituent group, which would negatively affect the growth of the chain.


What is PE?


PE is the abbreviation of polyethylene.
It is the characteristic basic material of foils produced by us. Shopping bags that can be bought in the shops or garbage bags are made of this material.


What is BoPP?


BoPP is a polypropylene foil, widely used in the packing industry.
It has different types depending on the fields of use.
The foil can be water-clean, completely transparent, white, or just metallised.


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