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Every household produces some garbage, which we are forced to keep in our home for a short period of time. So it is inevitable to put a sack into the storing bin; with its help the collected garbage does not pollute the bin and it can be easily and safely moved. Our company offers a wide range of products for this purpose, - from the small bags for bathroom bins, through the sacks made for kitchen use, up to the strong sacks for garbage bins of 120 - 160 litres capacity  
The garbage bin can be of the traditional finish, in this case we can only gather up its mouth.

Our company was the first in Hungary, who began production of garbage bags with the so called draw string.

This product is having a draw string, it allows for easy and safe closing of the sack. We make this product in wide range of sizes, from the small-sized garbage bins to the outdoor dustbins.
It is also possible to make the bags in odorized finish, so the pleasant fragrance of the bag can neutralize the unpleasant smell of the rubbish.

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