Household products

Our company is the market leader in the production of polyethylene bags and sacks used in the households.

Polyethylene is the most widely used plastic; its annual production is almost 80 million tons. Its greatest user is packing industry (plastic bags). Its abbreviation PE, similarly to other polymers e.g. polypropylene and polystyrene, with the abbreviation of PP and PS with the same logics.



We prepare different bags for household use, they can be rolled, cut or stitched bags. The rolled and the stitched bags are perforated and they can be separated along the perforation. This finish is very practical, because it can be easily used; it is safe and demands small space.In addition to the traditional bags our company is producing also self-closing PE bags, or those with adhesive closing. The polyethylene bags are inevitable in a modern kitchen. We need them for freezing vegetables,... [...]

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Garbage bags

Garbage bags

Every household produces some garbage, which we are forced to keep in our home for a short period of time. So it is inevitable to put a sack into the storing bin; with its help the collected garbage does not pollute the bin and it can be easily and safely moved. Our company offers a wide range of products for this purpose, - from the small bags for bathroom bins, through the sacks made for kitchen use, up to the strong sacks for garbage bins of 120 - 160 litres capacity  The garbage bin can be... [...]

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Ice cube bags

Ice cube bags

This bag is made of polyethylene and due to its special solution, after having filled with water the valve at the top of the bag closes, and the liquid cannot leak. The bag is suitable for making simple ice cubes, but also for freezing tasted liquids, syrups or shakes into ice cube. [...]

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PE gloves

PE gloves

Disposable gloves made of polyethylene raw material. This product is made in two sizes, one smaller (for women), and one larger (for men).
It is inevitable in our everyday. We may need it when filling petrol, to avoid contamination of our hands from the dirty fuel gun, but also for protecting our hands when dyeing our hair. [...]

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In order to ensure continuous development of our company we try to utilize the tender possibilities. In the past 2 years we participated in 5 tender invitations and gained promotion. Details

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