The simplest and most popular packing material used in the households for different purposes is the polyethylene bag. This can be of cut, quilted, or rolled finish, depending on our choice. Thanks to the manufacturing technology this product is a cheap form of packing, because it can be produced in very thin finish (8-10 microns) The bag can be labelled, so it is excellent for packing vegetables and meats for freezing, because this way we can easily know what did we put into the bag. In addition we can pack snacks for the children or the sandwiches for excursions.

Cut bags

Cut bags

Cut bag with its welding at the bottom. It is made in finish with side gusset or without it. This type of welding is the strongest, so this is most suitable for packing heavy products. [...]

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Torn off bags

Torn off bags

At the top of the bag there is a blocking hole, and there is perforation under this, so the individual bags can be torn off the block. [...]

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Rolled bags

Rolled bags

The polyethylene bags are made in rolled finish, the individual bags can be separated along the perforation. Bags for snacks and deep-freezing can be of this finish. [...]

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