Extruding is the process when foil is made of the PE (Polyethylene) granulates. The basic materials (HDPE, LDPE, and LLDPE) needed for the production are purchased from the plastic factory of Chemical Works of Tisza Co. Ltd. Extruding


Our company performs printing of the foils with flexo printing technology. In addition to the polyethylene (PE) foils we also make printing of BOPP and CPP foils with 5 machines, in 2 shifts every day, and in continuous working order. Printing


Lamination is the process when two layers of foils are put together with glue. Lamination


This process means production of the finished products from foils, with different methods of welding. Our products are suitable for producing a wide range of products, thus we can provide unique assortment in Hungary. Confection


We perform graining and reprocessing of PE foil wastes coming from our manufacturing process. Thanks to this process there will not emerge manufacturing waste at our company, which would load the waste dumps, since we reprocess every material. Next


Our company is having its own graphics studio, so we ourselves can perform printing preparations (including graphic works and making of the film), and then we can produce the clichés, and plates needed for printing. Next




Our increasing manufacturing volume required larger demands of storing; and as a result we are having a high warehouse equipped with the most up-to-date technology. Storage


Sydnex Kft.

In order to ensure continuous development of our company we try to utilize the tender possibilities. In the past 2 years we participated in 5 tender invitations and gained promotion. Details

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