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Industrial packing

Industrial packing

Packing can be divided into two main parts: one is packing for delivery, or transit packing, the other is the commercial packing. Sydnex Co. Ltd. plays important role in both mentioned areas of packing used by the industry. Industrial use demands high level of manufacture and quality from us. We can successfully meet this demand, since we can increase our sales for the domestic industry by 15-20 % each year. Our products are used by the food industry, the paper industry, the electronic industry,... [...]

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household products

Household products

Our company is the market leader in the production of polyethylene bags and sacks used in the households.
Polyethylene is the most widely used plastic; its annual production is almost 80 million tons. Its greatest user is packing industry (plastic bags). Its abbreviation PE, similarly to other polymers e.g. polypropylene and polystyrene, with the abbreviation of PP and PS with the same logics. [...]

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Advertising for products

Advertising for products

Our company is producing different carrying bags, which can be made with unique printing as per the demand of the client. This can be a simple text or logo, but we are also prepared for photo printing meeting the highest demands. The carrying bag can be of the simplest T-shirt finish (****the phrase T-shirt comes from the English “T-shirt bag” because the unfolded carrying bag is very similar to a shirt), it can have patch handle, or strip handle. These three types of finish are the most... [...]

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Carrying bag (Shopping / Advertising bag)

Carrying bag (Shopping / Advertising bag)

T-shirt carrying bag /carrying back with unique print
This strong and decorative carrying bag is excellently suited for packing and transporting any kind of goods. These can be boxes, tools, or books. Depending on the sphere of use it can be very small, made of thin material (e.g. T-shirt bags for pharmacies), but it also can hold daily shopping (e.g. Coop T-shirt bag) The finish with side gussets results in greater volume, consequently larger objects can be comfortably placed.The T-shirt bag... [...]

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Raincoat (poncho)

Raincoat (poncho)

It is an inevitable accessory of festivals and sports programs, mainly in spring due to capricious weather, but also in summer. If it starts raining we do not soak through, if we have this poncho.
Its great advantage is that needs small space and is an excellent surface of advertisement; it can be easily seen and is suited for placing large-sized prints.
It can be ordered in unique colours, and with printing of photo quality!

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In order to ensure continuous development of our company we try to utilize the tender possibilities. In the past 2 years we participated in 5 tender invitations and gained promotion. Details

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